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Iron City completed its 4th stop of the year at Logan Martin this weekend. Fishing pre-hurricane Irma proved to be a bit of a struggle with the wind, but the fish cooperated. As a result, we had several solid stringers. Its the first time in club history that having a 50″+ stringer didn’t put someone in the money.

Gabe LaCally was our winner with 55.25″. For his effort, Gabe took home $280 and an Orca chaser. Gabe also tied the Osprey Rods Big Bass award with 19.75″ and took home the Mark’s Outdoors Bonus program gift card for $250.

In second place was Robert Brown from Osprey Rods. Robert had a difficult morning at his launch site that resulted in the photo below. He was able to rebound nicely with a stringer of 52.75″ and scored $110 and an Orca chaser.

Third place belonged to Brian Wilkes. Brian had a stringer of 52.25″ and took home $100. Brian tied for the Osprey Rods Big Bass award as well.

Thanks again to our sponsors Marks Outdoors, Osprey Rods, Cahaba Brewing, and Orca Coolers. Video of the awards ceremony is linked below.

Logan Martin Awards Ceremony

Logan Martin Results

Angler of the Year Update

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The Iron City Kayak Anglers completed their 2nd trail stop of the year at Lay Lake this weekend. 22 anglers fished some tough conditions and came out with some solid results!

Jared Atwell, competing in his first ICKA event, came out on top with a 55.25″ stringer. He was also the Osprey Rods Big Bass winner (20.25″) and the Marks Outdoors Bonus winner. Jared took home $510 and an Orca Silo growler in addition to the $250 Marks gift card.

Brandon Watson continued his strong season in multiple trails with a 2nd place finsih (51.50″). Brandon took home $140 and an Orca chaser.

Also fishing his first ICKA event, Brandon Calloway put together a 50.75″ stringer that was good enough for 3rd place. Brandon took home $80 and an Orca Chaser for his efforts.

Joe Watts went from the skunk award at Warrior to 4th place in his second ICKA event (49.50″). Joe took home $40 and a gift card for a fishing shirt at Marks Outdoors

Great job by all the anglers for turning in such good stringers in tough conditions!

Thanks again to our sponsors Mark Outdoors, Orca Coolers, Cahaba Brewing, and Osprey Rods for their support this year.

Lay Lake Results

Updated AOY Points

Some of Marks Outdoors best customers.

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The Iron City Kayak Anglers got off to a smooth start for 2017 with a stop at the Warrior River. Anglers from across the Birmingham Metro Area competed for prizes from ICKA sponsors Mark’s Outdoors, Orca Coolers, Osprey Rods, and Cahaba Brewing Company. Based on the fish submitted, fishing was tough, but those who battled through it were rewarded with solid fish and good stories.

Allen Fowler, in his rookie debut on the ICKA trail, demolished the ICKA 3 fish limit record with a total of 57.50″. This allowed him to best the field by over 8″, sending him home with $250 cash, an Orca Coolers Alabama state flag cup, and Cahaba Brewing sign. Allen was also the Mark’s Outdoors Bonus Program winner which gave him an additional $250 gift certificate.

Consistency seems to be the key for Robbey Stanford with the Warrior River. Once again Robbey placed 2nd in the ICKA kick off event with a 3 fish stringer of 49.50″, including a monster, and club record, 22.50″ Warrior River bass. Robbey said he spent over and hour trying to catch her and it clearly paid off. Robbey took home $140 cash, an Orca Coolers Alabama state flag cup, and the Osprey Rods Big Bass award worth $120.

2016 AOY Brian Wilkes got off to a strong start in 2017 with a stringer of 49″ that was good for 3rd place. Brian won $50 cash and a pair of Fish Monkey gloves courtesy of Mark’s Outdoors.

Joseph Watts was the unfortunate soul to take home the Mark Whitlock Skunk award for this event. Joseph, and his cell phone, took a swim in the Warrior. According to Joseph, he had an audience during his fall who said “it seemed like you were falling for 8 minutes”. Thanks for being a great sportsman Joseph, and we are glad you came out with us today.

Next up for for the Iron City Kayak Anglers is the Coosa River Keeper event on Neely Henry May 6. ICKA members will have the ability to add to their Angler of the Year totals by participating the CRK event. All proceeds go to CRK, who specialize in conservation for the Coosa River system.

Coming into the Lay Lake finale, only 4.5″ separated Dave Smith and Brian Wilkes. Both had quality wins and solid fish throughout the year, but Lay Lake would decide the championship and Brian had some work to do to catch Ole Whack Smith.

And Brian did just that. He was able to catch just enough length to cull out some smaller fish from the Warrior event. These were enough to beat Dave by just a 1/2″.

Congrats to Brian for being the 2016 Iron City Kayak Anglers Champion! Brian took home a paid trip to Triple D Ranch courtesy of Mark’s Outdoors.

Getting ready for the AOY Finale

Top 5 in AOY waiting for results

Dave showing his great sportsmanship!

Final AOY results

Iron City was proud to host an online tournament benefitting Fishin4aCure. F4AC is a group of anglers who raise funds for cancer and blood disorder research for Children’s Hospital. To date, they have raised over $200K. We are proud to have donated an additional $400 from our anglers.

Orca Coolers and Bull Shad Swimbaits provided the 1st and 2nd place prizes for this event. All of the entry fees went straight to F4AC with some anglers adding some additional funds. Thanks to all of these men for donating their money and talents for this event.

There were a couple of twists added to the Big Bass Challenge. The first was for all anglers. If a fish was caught with a kids fishing pole (Barbie, Spiderman, etc) and it was caught on video, ICKA would give that angler an 2″ bonus in addition to that fish’s measured length. Charles Wyatt was the only angler to pull this bonus off, giving him a total one fish length of 19.75″. This was good for a third place finish.

For Brandon Watson specifically, Mark’s Outdoors threw down an additional challenge. If Brandon won the big fish challenge while using a Mark’s Outdoors supplied cane pole, and if he managed to film the catch, Brandon would win an additional $250 gift card from Mark’s in addition to the first place prize. Brandon flirted with the win on day #1 of the event. Brandon had what was clearly the winning fish on the hook, but it got off at the last minute. Being a good sport, Brandon posted the video anyways, and it quickly went viral with over 10K views in a few days. Brandon finished in 2nd place with a 22″ fish. This earned him a 5″ Bull Shad Swimbait from Mike Bucca.
Brandon Watson Video


Not to be outdone, Allen Fowler submitted the winning fish in an unusual manner. Allen caught a giant 22.50″ while fun fishing, but forgot to bring his tournament ID. Being the resourceful person that he is, Allen grabbed a peice of tree bark and carved his tournament ID into it. For this incredible effort, Allen took home a 20qt Orca Cooler from Orca Coolers.


Oct 1 proved to be a busy day for the Iron City Kayak Anglers. Not only were the results of the Fishin4aCure Big Bass Challenge going to be announced, but also the final trail stop would determine who would take home the Angler of the Year trophy and bragging rights!

22 Anglers attacked a stingy Lay Lake. Limits were hard to come by for most of the group, but those in the running for the Angler of Year still managed to scratch out solid fish. At the end of the day, Gabe LaCally took home first place with a total 3 fish limit of 48.25″. In 2nd place was Jake Garner, also with 48.25″. A tie-breaker had to be used to seperate Gabe and Jake, and Gabe had a larger “big fish” than Jake (19.75″ vs 17.75″). Robbey Stanford took home 3rd with 47″ and David Meeks rounded out our money winners with 44″.

For his efforts, Gabe took home $360 and a 20qt Orca Cooler. Gabe was also our Mark’s Outdoors Bonus winner and received an additional $250 gift card to Mark’s Outdoors.

Jake took home $180 and a C-tug kayak cart from Mark’s Outdoors

Robbey received $80 and a Diawa reel and Powell rod combo from Mark’s Outdoors. Robbey was also our Big Bass winner with 19.75″, earning him an additional $220. The ICKA Big Bass award is for Iron City paid members only. Gabe, even though he tied with Robbey, was ineligible for the prize because he is not a member.

David received $40.


Full results can be found below. Congrats to Gabe LaCally for a great tournament.


The Iron City Kayak Anglers completed the third stop of their tournament trail August 20th at Logan Martin. 28 kayak anglers competed for cash prizes in addition to gifts from Iron City Sponsors Marks Outdoors, Orca Coolers, and Cahaba Brewing.

Brian Wilkes won his second event of the series with a three fish limit measuring 55.25″. This moves him to 2nd place in the Angler of Year standings, just 4.5″ behind leader Dave Smith. Smith finished 2nd at Logan with a limit measuring 51.25″, followed by Robbey Stanford with 50.75″. Gabe Lacally placed 4th with a 49.5″ limit.

Once again, Wilkes was tied for big fish with another angler. This time David Earnest shared the honors with Wilkes, both submitting a 19.25″ bass.

By being the highest finishing angler registered for the Mark’s Outdoors Bonus program, Wilkes also won a Marks Gift Card.

The next stop for Iron City will be at Lay Lake on Oct 1. Weigh in for the anglers will be held at Cahaba Brewing, where the Angler of the Year trophy will be awarded. With the top 3 anglers separated by just 7.75″, Lay Lake will be a critical final piece in the championship race.

Brian Wilkes – 1st ($470 tournament, Orca Cooler 20q, Mark’s $250 gift card, $140 big fish – Split with David Earnest)

Dave Smith – 2nd ($220 tournament, 7′ Diawa baitcast rod)

Robbey Stanford – 3rd ($100 tournament, Red Fox Rover Bluetooth Speaker)

Big Fish (David Earnest and Brian Wilkes)

logan results
Logan Martin Final Results

AOY Update (After 3 stops)